Room Heater

As winter draws in there’s a couple of things that you start to miss. Firstly there’s the warmth, and then there’s the sun.

Luckily there’s something you can do.

Firstly, if you’re in a house, you can turn on your central heating, right? Only, then you’re heating the whole house racking up huge electricity or gas bills in the process. And you might only be in one room. It’s all a bit of a waste.

Or, if you’re not in the main house, you might be in the conservatory, or garage, or shed, or maybe even outside.

So, you can get a heater. Maybe a fan one. But they’re a bit noisy. So, no, scrap that. What about a gas one? Kind of heavy, kind of unnecessary?

In fact you should probably consider getting a halogen heater. Here’s why:

  • lower running costs (about 10% of a gas heater)
  • near silent operation
  • no harmful emissions
  • instant heat
  • no flammable fuel sources

That’s the warmth covered, then. But what about the sunshine. You miss that too. Luckily many halogen heaters act as a light source too and can output 10,000 lux, which is equivalent to daylight. So, you might even feel happier too!

Prem-I-Air halogen heater

Using a halogen heater could help reduce your heating bill

Which halogen heater should I choose?

Ok, you’re starting to see this makes sense, but which one?

A small one, big one, somewhere in between?

Well, it depends – basically on these factors:

  • Location (is this a room in the house, outside, or a shed?)
  • Size of the room/area (A small room, big room?)
  • Number of people (Is it just you, or a larger group – if so, the heater might need to rotate or pump out more heat across wider area)
  • How much you are willing to pay (upfront and ongoing) – the more power generally the more expensive the heater is to buy, and then to run as well.

So, let’s say you work in the garage, which is about 3 metres by 5 metres, and it’s just you, but you move around a lot. You probably want to consider a fairly powerful oscillator, something like the Prem-I-Air which offers 1600W and costs around £30.

Or, let’s say you have a small balcony, and you want to be able to site out there and have a drink in the evening with a significant other. You could look at a wall mounted option like the one offered by, which offers 1500W and costs around £80

These are just some options based on example scenarios, but if you are looking for some advice and reviews to help you decide which heater to buy, then head over to the ‘Best Halogen Heaters’ comparison site.

Good luck finding the right heater for your needs


LATEST NEWS: Since writing this post back in January, I have since noticed that the creators of have launched a blog, which you can visit here. It’s a good blog to keep subscribed to because they are often updating it with helpful and useful information about energy saving advice, tips and recommendations that can be used in everyday life in order to save you money. Check them out.

I’ll keep you posted with any more useful sites that I find on my travels through cyberspace…