Save Energy in your Home

With the rising prices of electricity and commodities in the market, you will always need to think of how you can save more money whether for emergency use or for your other expenses.

There are lots of ways that you can easily practice to save on your utility bills even if you have a lot of electrically operated appliances in your home.

Here are some tips that are commonly given but are not given so much attention to:

  • Turn off the lights when not in use. Having the lights on when no one is in the room will just be an added expense. This is one cause of increased energy usage in homes. Make a habit of turning off lights and train the children to do it as well and see how much your energy consumption will drop.
  • Take shorter showers. You may wonder how this can help in saving energy. If you are using a heater, then you will be consuming energy. Thus, shorter showers will help you save energy.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use. Electrical appliances use up electricity even when they are not in use. Just unplug them when you are not using them to help you save energy in your home.
  • Thermostat adjustments. Turning your thermostat to extremes, either for cooling or heating, may use up too much electricity. Adjust your thermostat to just the right temperature to save energy in your home. Insulating the home may just help you save more than what you will be spending for it.
  • Update your light bulbs. Use energy saving light bulbs that are now available in the market. This is what can help you save money. They use up less electricity but give the same amount of light or brightness.
  • Ironing clothes in bulk. If you regularly iron your clothes, plan to do a week’s load in one go to save on electricity costs. Plugging in the iron and waiting for it to heat up consumes a lot of electricity.

These are just some of the practical tips that you can try so that you can help you save energy in your home. Try switching to these power saving practices and see your utility bill dipping lower and your savings account balance growing.

Solar Power

You may also want to consider switching to solar power. You can actually check online on how you can benefit with this kind of energy source and how this can help you save energy in your home and have lifetime savings.

Solar Power

Solar energy gives you the electricity supply from sunlight. However, you have to invest in solar panels for you to have this energy source. But, your one time investment will pay off in the long run. The installation cost may be big, but you can actually get a grant from the government and will help you pay 50% of the total cost. After installation, you can have as much as 50% savings on your electricity bills. This can be a very cost effective way of saving energy in your home.

For more inspiration about using solar power check out Solar Network’s YouTube video:

In addition to checking out the UK government website for more tips, which I mentioned in a previous article, you should also look at the US website to see what they are advising and look for some inspirational ideas.

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