Solar Panels on Home

Solar power is the subject of many discussion nowadays, especially with the increasing price of electricity. If you are not decided yet whether you would want to have one installed in your home or not, then these bits of information may just help you in deciding. Take a look at the following advantages and the disadvantages of solar power:


  • Solar power helps you save money. This is one of the greatest benefits that you can have. You will be saving as much as 50% of your electricity costs with the solar panel.
  • Emergency supply. In case of power outages, you have your own supply of electricity. You can even share it with your neighbors if you have more than what you need. This is also ideal in hospitals and businesses that cannot afford to lose electricity.
  • Low or no maintenance at all. You can have this installed and you can use it with no hassles and worries. This has stable parts with no movable ones, so you do not have to worry about it falling apart.
  • Independent usage. It does not require you to manipulate it to make it work. You just have to install it and leave it to do his work.
  • Environmental friendly. You do not have to worry about mother earth being destroyed as this is a natural source and this is safe for our environment.
  • Lifetime savings in electricity with little or no maintenance on your source.
  • Variety of choices. There are lots of solar panels that you can choose from that will suit your budget.


  • The installation price. The prices for installation of the solar power installation are really expensive. You may need to touch your savings to have this installed.
  • With the increasing cost of electricity, companies providing solar panels may also increase their price.
  • Needs a bigger space to install and accommodate solar panels to provide you with the electricity that you may need.
  • Weather can affect the production of electricity from solar panels.
  • At night time, no solar power can be produced due to the sun’s absence.

Comparing the advantages and the disadvantages of solar power, you can finally decide whether or not to install this in your home. You can also check with your power provider to see what more you get from having solar panels installed in your home. More than the savings that you can get from electricity usage, the reliability of energy source is an important aspect of determining the best power source. There are different sizes and styles of solar panels that may suit your home.

Considering the cost and the lifetime savings that you can get, you can actually compute which would benefit you more. You just have to check what this has in store for you and finally decide whether it will benefit you or not. Keep in mind that when you are investing, you are looking for long term effects. See if solar power can give you the benefits that you need or if it will just be a waste of money.

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